Republic of Texas Fire and Security
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About Us

We have over 30 years of successful and in-depth experience in Life Safety. All services provided by us are performed by licensed and professional technicians.

Life Safety

Our firm is capable of handling all aspects of security and fire systems. From the most restricted security access to integrated camera systems that record high definition video with available starlight. Fire alarm systems feature state of the art equipment and we can engineer MASS notification for all life threatening events, from hazardous weather to criminal acting events, through all available media, campus wide.

Our equipment is available "off the shelf" which yields a cost competitive solution while having the ability to readily replace devices under our maintenance programs. Additionally, our equipment is non-proprietary which enables our customers to change vendors if desired, rather than become "locked-in" with a single non-performing dealer.

Our ability to pull the best equipment from global sources in creating an enterprise solution is unmatched within the industry. Known for our detailed project management; which yields on time delivery that is always within budget, all with a minimum of interruption in regard to existing facility operations. New construction projects are equally manned and executed.

Customer retention is our ultimate goal. We are unmatched in customer retention with less than one percent customer attrition per year.

Our Mission

Provide our customer/client with the best available product and service, without compromise, at a cost effective solution that is unmatched.

Republic of Texas Fire & Security

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