Republic of Texas Fire and Security
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Services Provided

All of our service technicians are available 24/7. Our technicians are factory trained in each discipline to provide immediate cost effective solutions for all your life safety needs. We deploy completely stocked trucks that can handle most any service situation. For more information, please contact us using our "Contact Us" form.

Fire Alarm Systems:

Knowledgeable design staff to plan your fire alarm system with CAD drawings for early (first time) submittal approval from your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). These include high-rise office buildings with voice evacuation, industrial complexes and basic sprinkler water flow monitoring.

We also provide for the required annual and quarterly fire alarm, fire sprinkler and fire extinguisher inspections and recertification.

Security Alarm:

Intrusion system design and installation for any building, regardless of size. These systems incorporate devices that are not prone to false alarm. Our proven experience in the field gives us an advantage in utilizing the correct device to protect any given area. We have less than one percent false alarm rate, which is unmatched in the industry.

Security System Monitoring Services:

Our Central Station is U.L. and FM approved for all levels of security, video and fire alarm monitoring.

Access Control:

Restricted access for your facility can include simple proximity card/keypad up to biometric readers for the highest level of security. Locking hardware is available to meet any need. From the simple electric door strike to instant vehicle barrier deployment; for the ultimate in personal safety.

CCTV Systems:

Campus wide system designs encompassing the latest in technology for a cost effective solution to remote view/monitoring of all areas. Available outdoor video motion detection camera systems utilizing all methods of signal transmission including fiber optic, twisted pair CAT6, RG6 and reliable radio frequency.

Systems also include complete command center design with hundreds of cameras and recording media. Many customers find these systems give enhanced security over physical roving patrol, while saving hard to find budget dollars.

Perimeter Security Systems:

If you want to protect the exterior grounds of your complex, we have the team to design and install the correct system. These systems include buried cable motion sensor, all types of fencing/gates with appropriate sensors incorporated, mobile rapid deployment radar systems to protect planes, security vehicles etc. and video motion detection that is designed for extreme environments.

Public Address/Music:

Our technicians are also available to provide installation for customer acquired systems as a labor and materials projects. Simple public address systems with background music to complex high fidelity audio systems, available from design through installation.

Fire Sprinkler/Fire Extinguisher Inspections:

Our intent is to provide our customers with a single source point of contact for all of their life safety needs. As such, we also provide for the required annual fire sprinkler and fire extinguisher inspections, recertification and repair. Special hazard fire and kitchen hood suppression system inspections and recertification are also available.


In depth client consultation for physical, electronic security, life safety and MASS notification. We provide complete analysis with security protocol and system specifications for client RFI, bid review and installation compliance. Consulting services are available on a global basis. Our fees are tailored to meet the project, either hourly or all inclusive.

As we are also an installation and service company, we bring a unique ability to understand the client’s needs and provide a cost effective solution to the problem. We keep pace with all the latest equipment, across all disciplines of life safety and security.


Our firm is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) as well as being classified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) that brings unmatched cost effective solutions to protecting life safety.